Midjourney update, QR code art, and Remote Team Engagement

Midjourney Unveils Innovative Panning Command!

Midjourney recently introduced a unique panning feature, taking their viewer experience to the next level. With the ability to pan an entire 360-degree scene, this interactive tool offers unprecedented perspectives on virtual reality models, providing users a fully immersive and intuitive exploration experience.

original image prompted on the left, panned and altered prompt on the right

Virtual Coffee: Ignite the Flame of Remote Camaraderie!

Brew your team spirit to the brim by organizing online meet-ups via Virtual Coffee, a sparkling innovation that transforms remote work experiences. By fostering casual, coffee-break conversations, it helps connect distant employees, boost morale, and enhance productivity - keeping the corporate culture brewing, no matter where you're based.

Make beautiful QR codes with AI.

Are you looking for a unique way to share your call to action with customers / prospects? Check out this website that let’s you easily create AI generated QR codes that are more stylized and aesthetic.

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